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Cultuur BraziliŽ versus die van Engeland

Een bekend verhaal van Anibal de Paula Lopes, grootvader van de Probandus, is dat hij op een nogal harde manier te maken kreeg met de cultuurverschillen tussen Latijns Amerika en Europa:

One day I unknowingly cheered for the wrong side at a soccer match and one of my English schoolmates knocked me down where upon a group gathered around me saying I would have to fight my assailant. In the Brazilian manor I took off my coat, wound it around my arm and drawing my knife I stood ready. They said that wouldn´t do and that I would have to fight with my fitst. I knew nothing of the art of boxing and he quickly knocked me down. That night one of the professors came to me and offered to arrange for me to take boxing lessons, explaining to me that afther I felt ready I was to challenge the boy to a return match. This I did after several months of instruction and won the match. I learned in school that the English sense of fair play is very strong. That professor became a close friend all through my school years.